A family emergency plan is an important part of disaster preparedness. This plan will ensure that you and your family are ready and prepared to endure a disaster situation.

Put together a 72 hour emergency kit that fits in a backpack. Keep it in your car or somewhere that you can quickly and easily grab as you head out of the house to a safer location should you be forced to evacuate.

  • Move your priceless treasures out of the basement and put them in the attic in sealed waterproof containers.
  • Create an inventory of the valuables in your home.
  • Make copies of your important papers including insurance papers, banking information, passports, etc. and keep them in a secure location like a safe deposit box in a bank. Several other things can be stored there too like extra cash, an extra copy of house and car keys, land or home deeds, birth certificates, etc.
  • Taking pictures of your items and gathering/coping or scanning receipts for items as you buy them can help to prove ownership and value. Keep your photos, receipts and your inventory in a safe place such as a fire proof safe, on a remote computer or anywhere else that they cannot be destroyed.